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Belly Casting

​create a lasting memory of your beautiful form

A beautiful and lasting memento of your pregnant form. You are only pregnant with each child once, and your body takes on a unique shape, an amazing work of art you and your baby are together. Preserve this memory with a belly cast!


       Done with plaster strips carefully placed around your body to capture your beautiful pregnant shape. There are various design ideas to choose from. Some like to go straight across the chest and to just under the belly, others may like to incorporate a shoulder and go down the thighs. No matter what you choose, you are sure to be pleased with your belly cast!


      I can give you the cast raw as is for you to decorate, or I can plaster and sand it down for you to decorate, or I can take it one step further and paint it as well, the sky is the limit! It is up to you! 


      There are kits you can buy, but I have found they do not contain nearly enough plaster strips in them to make a strong cast. Take the guess work out and save yourself the hassle by allowing me to use my expertise in capturing all of your curves. After doing so many, I have learned quite a few tricks at being efficient in creating a good, solid belly cast. 


​Basic Belly Cast $100


Basic Belly Cast Sanded $120


Decorated Belly Cast $150 and up

Belly Cast Repair $75 and up

I have had several mama's who did a kit belly cast realize that it was not the way to go and I have been able to repair their casts for them so they can become the lasting keepsakes they were meant to be.

Gold Belly Cast
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