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back and white pregnancy

Luxurious treatments

to honor the wise woman in you

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Mama To Be Massage & Postpartum Massage

60 min……..$90

90 min.…….$120

120 min……$150


Milk & Honey Womb Massage 

30 min…….$60


Edema Release

30 min……$75


Foot Bath Massage

40 min……$65


Reflexology & Cranial Massage

60 min……$80


Newborn Massage Instruction

20 min……$50


Massage in Your Home

Currently offering all services in the comfort of  your own home. No need to travel, let me come to you! 

Serving Nevada and Placer County

Over 20 min of drive time add $10

Craniosacral Therapy

60 min……..$150


Myofascial Release

60 min…….$140


Deep Tissue Massage 

60 min……$120

Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage are only available to clients prenatally and 6 weeks after delivery. Due to the more intense nature of the therapy it is not advised during pregnancy.

Mama To Be Massage

Allow yourself to enjoy the deep relaxation of a professional massage. Employing long, flowing strokes while replenishing and nourishing your skin. This bodywork session utilizes specialized techniques specifically designed for prenatal mama's.


Benefits Include:

Boost energy levels, stretch mark reduction, relieves muscle and joint soreness, especially back and hip aches, reduce excess fluid retention by increasing circulation, helps maintain muscle tone, increase awareness of tension in your body and how to release it, ease constipation, gas and heartburn, promote flexibility, nurture you and your baby.


Milk & Honey Womb Massage

This luxurious massage is done using a special organic milk & honey blend. Real milk, honey and beeswax is combined, warmed up and applied to the womb. A warmed towel is then placed over your belly to assist  the pores in opening and accepting the treatment. The mixture is then re-applied to the womb and gently massaged until it crystalizes. The milk and honey mixture is known to help reduce stretch marks, add elasticity and improves the overall quality and vitality of the skin.


Edema Release

Edema or swelling on the top of the feet or around the ankles is the result of an accumulation of fluid in the fatty tissue under the skin. Due to many factors this condition is very common during and after pregnancy. This specialized massage, which includes trigger-point reflexology and stroke work on the feet and calfs, stimulates lymphatic circulation, which decreases swelling. Also using a special blend of oils and hot and cold water application, blood vessels are forced to contract, ultimately releasing trapped water.


Postpartum Massage

Relax and enjoy some postpartum pampering. Come alone or with your baby. Infants can be snuggled up and nursed while you receive a massage in a side lying position, or we can co-create a situation that best suites you and your little one. Choose from a combination of modalities to taylor-make a massage session based on your individual needs. Using nourishing oils for the skin, cranial-sacral holds, acupressure, reflexology, abdominal massage for organ realignment and traditional mother roasting. Postpartum massage focuses on helping to restore mama's body to its pre-pregnancy shape.


Foot Bath Massage

Sit back, relax and  enjoy your new baby while I perform little luxuries on your feet. We begin by infusing the water with herbs, oils and flowers, move into a salt scrub and then and all encompassing foot and calf massage. A treat for all feet but designed especially for mom to reduce swelling and provide overall relaxation.


Reflexology & Cranial Massage

Reflexology is the scientific technique of applying pressure to reflex points that relate to particular zones or organs in the body. The treatment promotes balance and normalization, reduces tension, revitalizes and regenerates. Allow me to bring your whole body into a state of harmony while you relax.


Newborn Massage Instruction

Learn how to help your newborn with gas relief and help smooth out sleep wake cycles while creating an atmosphere to enhance bonding. Babies are extremely perceptive to our intention, learning how to massage your baby is an enjoyable experience for the whole family.


Research has shown that baby massage:

Relieves colic, gas and constipation, reduces discomfort from teething, congestion and stress. Promotes deeper sleep, regulates and strengthens the immune, digestion and nervous systems, enhances verbal and nonverbal communication, aids in circulation, improves muscle tone, introduces body awareness and increases confidence in parenting.



Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga & Meditation

(available for private and small group sessions)


Recalling the ancient ways of birthing and mothering handed down to us through the ages. These practices lead a new mother to the awareness that she truly knows within herself how to bring her baby forth. The Khalsa Way® teaches a woman to lift the blocks of fear, doubt and old conditioning out of her pregnancy, her birth and her life. Bringing a holistic approach to birthing.



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