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Explore your deepest question in this 

soulful and holistic approach to childbirth education

This multi-sensory workshop, based on the well-known book "Birthing From Within®"

is an interactive class to guide you on your personal journey. 

Designed for those with an open and curious spirit ready to explore 

their vital task of inner preparation.


Reclaim the spirituality of birth and discover
your own wisdom and birth power


  • Enjoy making Birth Art guided by thought provoking questions

  • Create your Birth Power Sculpture

  • Explore exercises in your very own Keepsakes Journal

  • Track and tame Birth Tigers

  • Sit in a Coyote Circle and Howl

  • Listen to Birth Stories and Inspirational Poetry

  • Honor your Motherhood with Blessing Way Rituals




Classes are complete childbirth preparation 
Taking an extraordinary approach to traditional material


  • Cultural and personal values of birth and parenting 

  • The stages of labor and the hormones involved 

  • Creating a birth space to facilitate labor

  • Learning and practicing pain coping techniques

  • Building a positive, confident and open mindset

  • Review active positions for labor and childbirth

  • The wise and compassionate use of drugs and epidurals

  • Learn to push your baby out gently

  • Birth companion support skills

  • Welcome, feed and care for your newborn

  • Preparing for a thoughtful transition into parenthood

  • Building a community and postpartum support  strategies

  • Celebrating and honoring motherhood


Each class includes 15 hours of class time, personal Keepsakes Journal,

art materials and supplies, refreshments and a class postpartum gathering with the babies!


All relationships are honored


Cost of class is $300 / couple                    $450 private class



Birth Art made by class participants
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