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Birth Doula Services

Birth is much more than a series of physiological functions. Birth is a rite of passage and has great capacity to heal and transform. As a doula I wish to provide support in any way that facilitates your empowerment and honors your personal choices.


      Being a doula is about carrying on the ancient tradition of mothering the childbearing mother. It is about enhancing the natural abilities of the laboring woman. It is about being a birth companion. As a doula I provide emotional, physical and informational support. I offer massage, suggestions for labor positions, relaxation and pain coping techniques, essential oil guidance throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, use of a birth ball, birth chair and rebozo, partner support and guidance, explanation of labor stages as well communication facilitation between you and your care provider so you can be clear about your options.


      I strive to carry an essence of relaxation while creating a calm, reassuring atmosphere. Maintaining a strong but quiet and flexible presence. It is an honor to hold sacred space while you move from within and allow your body to act at an instinctual level as the process of birth unfolds.


My Services Include:

Prenatal Care:


  • Initial interview

  • 2-3 prenatal visits (more if desired) 

  • 1 prenatal massage

  • essential oil guidance for almost all complaints and discomforts

  • unlimited phone and or email consultations continuing throughout postpartum

  • assistance with birth vision

  • assistance preparing for birth and baby


Labor Support:


  • 24 hour on call beginning 3 weeks prior to your due date until the birth or in any emergency

  • early labor support by phone or in your home, as you wish

  • continuous active labor support through 2 hours minimum postpartum

  • essential oils, massage, breath work, guided visualizations

  • use of birth stool, birth ball and various other tools


Postnatal Care:


  • breast feeding support 

  • sitz bath and herbal preparations

  • perennial healing support 

  • food assistance 

  • 2 postpartum visits 

  • referrals


Cost of Service $1500

pregnant belly

Create a Custom Package:


Includes all birth services plus any combination of the following:


  • Belly Casting

  • Placenta Medicine Preparation

  • Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

  • Birthing from Within Childbirth Series

  • Nutritional Consultations

  • Postpartum Doula Services

  • Newborn Massage Instruction

  • Baby Wearing Basics


Additional fees apply to custom packages,

discounts for more than one service

Post-Partum Doula Services

Birth is one of the most transformative spiritual experiences a woman and her family can share. Indeed a blessing as well as profoundly life changing. The days after the arrival of a new baby can pose some challenges as the family recovers from the birth and moves into their new roles.


As a postpartum doula I am honored to be working with families during this time of great change. I provide a safe emotional place of unconditional acceptance. I recognize the sacredness of this relationship and I am committed to making a difference.


My role is fluid and constantly changing from family to family, day to day and hour to hour. Whatever will best support the parents and nurture the family is my primary task of that moment.


My goal is to help parents move toward independence and recognize their own intuitive abilities and create more time for bonding be relieving some of the responsibilities of the daily tasks.


Without taking the place of professional medical assistance, I am available to answer questions, recognize when the family can benefit from specialized help and offer timely, quality reliable referrals when they are needed.

Basic Postpartum Services


  • consultations as desired prior to baby's arrival

  • sibling care and support in enjoying the new baby

  • education about postpartum blues and prevention techniques

  • information on newborn care and development

  • access to local parenting resources

  • baby wearing basics



  • unconditional emotional support and practical assistance

  • natural remedies for postpartum comfort

  • nourishing meal and snack preparation

  • nutritional guidance / counseling

  • accompany on outings

  • pelvic binding



  • assistance with basic newborn care

  • care for newborn while mom gets a nap or shower

  • basics of elimination communication and cloth diapering

  • care for newborn while parents get 1:1 time with older siblings



  • assistance with breastfeeding education, latch and positioning

  • natural remedies for common conditions

  • lactation enhancing techniques  



  • errand running (grocery store, post office, etc.)

  • light household cleaning (laundry, sheets, dishes)

  • pet / plant care


$30 / hour with a three hour minimum

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