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Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Having a good foundation for nutrition is key in all things health and wellness and an absolute must during pregnancy and the postnatal period. For many women, pregnancy can be the first time we are intently focusing on everything we put in our bodies. Working with your care provider is important and its also good to know a thing or two yourself, be empowered.

My whole background as a pre and post natal health coach as well as the nutrition I studied earning my degree in Alternative Medicine is based in holistic nutrition and the guidance you will find with me is in alignment with that. If at anytime any of these concepts feel like 'too much' or 'overwhelming' to understand or to make shifts please let me know, I specialize in helping people make lifestyle shifts in a way that is easy to implement and set you up for success. It would be my pleasure and as your doula I am happy to offer this service to you included in your package.

Nutrition is a huge topic, this page only briefly touches on some of the most important elements, I would be honored to have the opportunity to dive deeper into nutrition with you! 

Nutritional Basics - Everyday Rules

Supplementation: Even if we have a super balanced and all organically grown diet, we still need supplementation for our bodies. It is important to make sure you are taking whole food based supplements (nothing synthetic like folic acid) and also in capsule form as opposed to a pressed pill. I have heaps of information about supplements, what to look for, how to test the ones you have and good ones to take so let's have a discussion about this. 


I like to recommend the LifeLong Vitality supplements because our bodies assimilate these vitamins like food, which means your body knows exactly how to process and distribute the ingredients unlike what happens in our body with synthetic vitamin forms.


I also like to recommend TerraZyme digestive enzymes and PB Assist probiotics, both are keys to having an optimal pregnancy - in fact, I recommend these things for everyone, pregnant or not, but especially when pregnant. TerraZyme is a whole food enzyme that helps and supports many of our body systems. When taken with food these enzymes help with the breaking down of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars and fibers so our bodies can utilize these nutrients in the most efficient way. Most of the food eat is void or deficient of enzymes, even fresh food... we live in a time when the soil has been depleted and also much of our fresh foods ripen on the shelf which dramatically reduces the enzyme activity. I could go on about this for a while because it is a topic I am very passionate about so let's talk in person about getting some TerraZyme in your life! During the 3rd trimester when many women experience heartburn and indigestion - with TerraZyme you can greatly minimize this effect! Not only that but these enzymes regulate thousands of bio functions when taken on an empty stomach there are many other benefits including the support and rebuilding of connective tissues that provide the very framework for your body that is under a lot of stress from growing, shifting and stretching. Protect your body and organs mama.

I would love to discuss this with you and offer guidance and material to help you feel your best!

Eating Fresh: The more fresh foods you can include in your diet that better you will feel. Aim to eat the rainbow and be sure to include a lot of dark leafy greens. I know we are all at different levels with our heating habits, I am happy to help support you on your journey and help make fresh eating a breeze! The main place you have to watch this is at the grocery store, if you don't buy it, then you won't have it within reach, so make good choices when shopping and shop when you have time and have already eaten a healthy meal. I do recommend shopping local and organic as much as possible and the other thing that really saves me is to prepare the foods ahead of time. On shopping day, instead of just putting everything away take some extra time to wash, cut/prep  and store your veggies. Having fresh foods ready to go make it lightyears easier to reach for them when hungry instead of packaged food.


I also recommend eating a little something every couple hours to keep your blood sugar from dropping and crashing. Carry things like protein bars and nuts with you at all times but if you can think ahead and keep a to-go container in your fridge of fresh veggies prepped and ready to go with when walking out the door. Set yourself up for success mama! You got this!


Protein: 80 to 100 grams of protein everyday

Protein deficiency will often manifest as edema and nobody wants that, plus it is an essential building block for your baby! You don't need to count your protein obsessively everyday, instead a great option can be to keep a food journal for a few days and then add up your protein for those days to get an idea of how close you are to your optimal amount and what that looks like.

Sugar: If you can cut out as much processed sugar and refined grains as possible or even eliminate it completely, your body and baby will thank you! Candida is a common problem for pregnant moms and is thrives on sugar, our bodies convert refined grains into sugar as well which is why its good to cut them out as well. I know pregnancy changes your palette and we often crave more pastries and sugar than ever when we are pregnant but sugar weakens the immune system and all the tissues in the body. If this is a challenge for you then the Slim and Sassy Metabolic blend can help stabilize your metabolic levels. It may regulate blood sugar (which is often an issue during pregnancy) and it also helps to physically reduce sugar cravings. Let me know if this is something you would like to try and I can get you some and help come up with the best protocol for you.

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