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Essential Oils for Mater​nity


essential oils for maternity

Essential oils can be extremely beneficial in every-day life and personal health. During pregnancy and postpartum tremendous changes are occurring in the body and this comes complete with its own set of challenges. Essential oils have been the most powerful tool I have in keeping the families I serve happy and healthy.


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  • What are the different grades + why purity and potency it is so important

  • Common challenges during pregnancy + ways to support your body

  • Best choice oils for labor + the many ways to use them 

  • Essential oils for postpartum

  • Newborn + baby care 


Please note that there are many items available in the marketplace that masquerade as aromatherapy and essential oil products but that are, in fact, based on synthetic, chemically-extracted, impure or over diluted oil.


All instructions or recommendations from me are only based on using the highest grade of  therapeutic essential oils and no substitutions. 


Essential Oil Classes for Birth Professionals

Learn from doula and childbirth educator of 10 years, Meghan Harlow, how to safely and effectively use essential oils for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Essential Oils are an extremely valuable asset to any birth worker and her clients. The very nature of birth work is a labor of love and compassion. When working with pregnant women we become a guardian of sorts. We know how intricate the health of mother and baby are woven together. Pregnancy presents its own set of challenges and conditions that can leave any mom wondering where to turn for relief. If not always, pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when she must carefully consider all of the things she puts into her body.


I have helped my pregnant clients ease many discomforts in the months leading up to their birth, naturally, safely and effectively. Essential Oils also play an integral role in the birthing process and are considered an invaluable asset to any midwives or doula’s bag! Not only that, but introducing your clients to essential oils is the gift that keeps on giving as many moms go on to use essential oils with their little ones.

You can literally change lives with essential oils. There are countless ways essential oils improve health and living and it can start with you. Send me a message to learn more or visit me atVisit me at !

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