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Ask Dr. Hill - Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

You are so wise to be considering the support of essential oils. Pregnancy causes a number of physiological adaptations that differ slightly in every pregnancy. For most women, many essential oils are an appropriate and safe option during pregnancy and offer a beautiful natural solution. I would love to discuss all of your options and offer tailor-made wellness plans and solutions for you, so if this is something you are interested in learning about, please do let me know. This page represents a very brief overview to support you along your journey! Let's connect wise mama! 

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  • dōTERRA Microplex MVp™. Is a great supplement to add to your dōTERRA wellness lifestyle even before pregnancy. With my clients, I talk about it being a wholefood supplement and that our bodies assimilate that much better than synthetic vitamins. You can use this supplement no matter what stage of life you are in.” Note: Sometimes even the healthiest of diets fail to offer optimum nutrition, which is why a prenatal is often recommended. Although not specifically designed to be a prenatal, many women, working closely with their qualified healthcare provider, choose to take Microplex to help fill nutritional gaps. Also, many women choose to take xEO Mega®, which provides important brain-development nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids (particularly DHA). Ultimately, choosing the right supplements is a personal choice and establishing open communication between patient and qualified healthcare provider is especially important during pregnancy.

  • Peppermint, Ginger, and Cardamom. Any of these oils can be used mostly during the first trimester to help aid digestion*. Of these, Cardamom is my favorite.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil with Immortelle. Dilute Immortelle with the coconut oil and spread it over your stomach during the second trimester. This is great for your skin and improves the appearance of fine lines.

  • Citrus oils: Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit. These oils should be especially used in third trimester to help cleanse and support your digestive system.

  • Wild Orange and dōTERRA Balance®. I diffuse both oils during labor and delivery. These are my two favorite oils to diffuse because they establish a calm atmosphere.

  • dōTERRA Touch™ Kit.  I absolutely recommend this because everyone is always asking how much to dilute the oils, and what they can use with kids. The Touch Kit is the perfect answer to those questions. They’re already perfectly diluted and are in just the right amount. Keep in mind though, not all the oils are for new babies. For example, while Oregano is in that kit, you don’t need to use it on a brand new baby.


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